PureLoad - The load testing tool


PureLoad is a load testing tool that dynamically simulates thousands of users
    executing requests against server based applications.
    Use PureLoad to verify performance and stability of your server applications
    and telecom services.

Why PureLoad?

  • Ease Of Use - "Load testing made easy"
       No scripting language or programming required, everything controlled from GUI
  • Securing your business
       Expect success with you server applications, be prepared!undersida-quicknews.png
  • Scalable and high performance
       Scale from low end web testing to high end telecom services
  • Extensive support for testing web applications and more
       Test web applications created using JavaEE, .NET, PHP, AJAX, SOAP, ASP, CGI etc. 
       Use Enterprise Edition to test other server applications.undersida-quicknews.png
  • Cost effective
       Affordable Prices, platform independent allows you to use available hardware and no advanced training required.undersida-quicknews.png

For more information, see the PureLoad Feature Tour, and the on-line PureLoad Documentation.


PureLoad Version: 5.3
Release Notes