PureTest is an easy-to-use GUI-based functional test tool. No training in advance is needed.

PureTest is ideal for testing, debugging, and automation of test cases for server based mobile- and web-applications.

Test cases are built through the GUI with no programming needed.

PureTest has built-in support to automate the execution of test cases within different framworks.

Overview of major features per PureTest edition




» Number of virtual clients



» PureTest Console and GUI

» HTTP Recorder and Crawler

» Protocol Support

» Test Automation

» Platform Independent

» Web Server Technologies

» Test of Web- and Mobile-applications

» Debugger

» Public Task API

» Additional Task Packages *


* The additional task packages for Radius/Diameter, SIP, HTTP Adaptive Streaming, and RTP/RTSP are sold as separate packages for PureLoad Enterprise and as a standard part of PureTest Pro and PureLoad Enterprise Developers Edition.

PureTest editions

Both PureTest editions come with the same functional and protocol support as in PureLoad, but PureTest is limited to run one (1) test case with one (1) virtual user at any time.

PureTest and PureTest Pro both come with support for testing a full set of HTTP applications including support for HTTP/HTTPS, and Asynchronous HTTP. There are a number of other protocols like Telnet, SSH, File Transfer Program (FTP), Network Utility (echo, Ping, DNS etc.), Directory Server (LDAP), Database (JDBC), Mail (IMAP, POP3, SMTP), and IP Pooling that are all supported.

Protocols can be mixed to create realistic test case scenarios.

Test cases made in PureTest can be exported and reused to build time distributed load test scenarios in PureLoad.

Read more on the different features in the PureTest Feature Tour.


PureTest with comes with a personal license and free distribution.

PureTest Pro

PureTest Pro has all the functionality of PureTest but PureTest Pro gives you access to all of our protocol extensions that are separately licensed for PureLoad. The extensions includes support for Radius, Diameter, RTSP/RTP Streaming, HTTP Adaptive Streaming, SIP, etc.

PureTest Version: 5.2.3
Release Notes