Price List

For full information on differencies between different product version please check our Products page.


Virtual Clients (V.C.)


Support and Upgrade
Price (USD)

PureTest 1 250 Personal license.
Optional support
PureTest Pro 1 4000 1000 Pro kit contains all
extensions as
Streaming, SIP,etc.
PureLoad Free 100 1000 Personal license.
Optional support
PureLoad Web 500 5000 1250 Personal license.
1000 12000 3000
5000 18000 4500
Rent of license+support for one month costs 20% of yearly license+support fee.

Rental cost includs
Rent of license+support for three months costs 40% of yearly license+support fee.
The rent will be
deducted if
a buy is made.

PureLoad Enterprise,
Developers Edition
10 1250 310 Personal license.
Including all Task
100 5000 1250 Personal license.
Including all Task
PureLoad Enterprise starting at 500 12000 3000 Please contact
for dimensioning
and quotes.
Additional Task Packages for PureLoad Enterprise
Separate packages for WAP/MMS,
RTP/RTSP Streaming, SIP, Diameter, Radius, and TCP Server
PureLoad License Manager
for 2 nodes, 2-5 nodes, or upto 10 nodes
For use with
Enterprise only.
0-thread PureLoad Enterprise

For use with
License Manager

Rental Options for PureLoad Enterprise
Companies with a license can rent
extra capacity per one or three months.
Rent a license and support in
periods of one or three months.
Prices do not include any VAT, sales tax or similar local fees.
Price list is in US dollar (quotes are also made in Euro or Swedish Krona).
The company reserves the right to change packaging and pricing of the at any time. 2013 Rev A



PureLoad is offered in three editions: PureLoad Free, PureLoad Web and PureLoad Enterprise.

PureLoad Web & Enterprise are licensed by the number of virtual clients that is used to produce load on your application.

Rental options are also available.

For PureTest, PureLoad Free, PureLoad Web, and PureLoad Enterprise, Developers Edition;
Get your license is by using our web-shop.

Offers for PureLoad Enterprise are supplied by issuing a quote.

Dimensioning and Request a quote
To supply PureLoad Enterprise normally some dimensioning and traffic analysis is needed before a quote can be issued. For dimensioning, quotes, or if you have special requirements contact us by sending an e-mail to sales@pureload.com.


All our software is delivered by downloading it from our web site. Download PureLoad and an evaluation license (PureLoad Enterprise) will be sent to you automatically.

Purchasing a license will expand capacity to the limits specified by the license.

The license is delivered by e-mail.

For PureLoad Enterprise licenses that are locked to an IP we need a technical contact person and an IP address of the naming server in order to finish issuing the license (this will happen straight after you bought the license in the web-shop).

PureLoad Licensing

PureLoad is license based and the cost of the license is based on the number of virtual clients (VC) that are bought.

With one PureLoad license you can load test one system at a time.

There are two types of licenses, the personal license and a non-personal license locked to an IP-address.

The non-personal license is used with PureLoad Enterprise and restricts PureLoad usage as follows:

  • IP address of the host that run the PureLoad Naming server (License control server)

    All other servers, as well as the Console, can be used from any host that can connect to the Naming server.

  • Max numbers of virtual clients (Worker Threads)

    The maximum total number of virtual clients (Worker Threads) that can be used distributed over any number of hosts.

  • Time period

    License bound to a specific time period (only applicable for rental).

The personal license restricts PureLoad usage to one specified individual person, the person that the license has been issued for. Also this license is locked to a specified max number of threads.

More information on the non-personal license can be found in the PureLoad License Agreement

PureLoad Support and Upgrade agreement

Buying a license give you the right to use the product according to specification and license agreement.

By paying the Support and Upgrade fee you get additional advantages such as:
  1. Access to PureLoad and PureTest support organisation by e-mail.
  2. Trouble shooting support by e-mail or on-line.
  3. Immediate access to new major versions of the product (e.g. 5.0).
  4. Access to product updates releasing new functionality in minor versions (e.g. 4.3 or 4.3.2).

For users of PureTest and PureLoad Free you can pay a support fee and get support as in stated 1. and 2. in the above list.

When the Support and Upgrade fee period expires you either need to renew your Support and Upgrade agreement or else send an e-mail to support@pureload.com who will then send you a new license file that locks your installation to the current product version.


The PureLoad Software is also available as a rent option. You can rent either the whole software or a software capacity increase.

For rental please go to our web-shop.

For renting load server capacity through the cloud please contact us at sales@pureload.com

How does rental work?

  1. Prepare your load test session using the free evaluation copy of PureLoad or using PureTest.
  2. Order a license for the period you will be running the test.
  3. You will now be able to run the test during the period specified in the license file.

Virtual Client?

In PureLoad the term virtual client is the same as one Worker Thread, which might correspond to one or more virtual users dependent on the test case (Scenarios) that is executed by the Worker Thread. There is no limitation on how the virtual client may be distributed over hardware, processors or threads.

PureLoad Version: 5.3
Release Notes