Case Study - Telecom Operator

Large market leading telecom operator in the US market

The PureLoad Performance Suite has a proven track record within the Telecom Industry. The product is used within software development and testing for Telecom technology companies, as well as integration and verification projects for Telecom operators.


As the Mobile Internet in the U.S. started to grow exponentially and data traffic exploded a large US operator with 80+ million subscribers needed a new large Mobile Internet Enabling system, to be able to handle its current and future wireless data traffic. The operator could not take any risks placing a multimillion subscriber system in live traffic and risk system failure, which could have had devastating effects on their bottom line. In the US, the wireless industry is extremely competitive, if one does not provide a great service, the customer will easily switch to a competitor


The operator needed a highly-reliable, highly-proven, highly-scalable, easy-to-use load testing system to simulate traffic from millions of users - but in a "lab environment". PureLoad fulfilled all these criteria. The operator uses PureLoad and runs the software on a server farm using it as their load testing solution. The operator's new Mobile Internet Enabling system became fully designed, tested and verified with the help of PureLoad Enterprise Software.

The PureLoad solution is capable of combining a mix of common IP based protocols with specific Telecom protocols such as Radius, SIP, RTSP/RTP streaming.

Using a unique identification method, the solution keepings track of each user and their specific IP Address, MSISDN with a realistic distribution of different mobile devices with correct characteristics such as Accept headers etc.

The PureLoad expert level consultants with many years of Telecom experience worked closely together with the customer to bring up an understanding of traffic profiles to make a proper simulation. By implementing the PureLoad solution the operator also achieves technical alignment with the telecom vendor by using the same type of methodology and tools for advanced load testing activities.


As a result of extensive testing and verification using the PureLoad software, the operator's new system was launched successfully and started to support millions of wireless traffic users from day one. PureLoad is used on daily basis (24/7) to fully test and verify any new features before they are installed on the operators live system.

This Large telecom operator company is now able to deploy new services in a cost effective way with lowered risk than earlier, knowing more about the overall performance, bottlenecks and capabilities of their new system.

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PureLoad Version: 5.3
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