PureLoad Professional Services

At PureLoad we have gained extensive experience and competence in helping companies to achieve their success with the needed traffic characteristics for both server and client side. Resulting in a good end-users experience. To develop the required internet application traffic characteristics, PureLoad has services to support the application's life cycle management.

Starter Package Service

There is a 1,000-threads starter package including licenses, one year support, and a two days on-site getting-started training.

Traffic Identification Service

The Traffic Identification Service is carried out as a half day to one (1) day workshop to identify the most important traffic characteristic issues in your application.
A documented list of findings will result from the workshop.

Traffic Analysis Service

The Traffic Analysis Service is a 5 to 15 day study and trial sessions aimed to define traffic characteristic requirements and a simple traffic model.
Depending on the exact scope of the study it will result in one or several report documents.

Traffic Service

The Traffic Service is a longer customer engagement with a project delivery.
Together with the customer we specify the content of this service ranging from requirements collection to test execution.

Load Trial Service

The Load Trial Service is a two (2) day trial testing of specific traffic characteristics.
The performed tests can indicate whether some characteristics are good or not.
The resulting report document contains a list of findings.

Load Test Service

This is a five (5) day service where we go through the system more thoroughly and look at different aspects of characteristics in agreement with the customer.
The resulting report document is a list of findings within the agreed scope.

PureLoad Version: 5.3
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