Service description - Traffic Service for Internet Application

Typical needs that this Service Offer addresses

  • An internet application development project.
  • An integration project to customize internet application.
  • An internet application deployment project.
  • Acceptance testing from subsystem suppliers (3rd party).
  • System and network tuning and optimization for internet application.
  • Customer acceptance verification of performance and characteristics including check of SLA specifications.

PureLoad Professional Services Offer:

The PureLoad Professional Services offer is executed as a project.

Typical services offered are:

  • Define traffic patterns and traffic models.
  • Design, set-up, and documentation of internet application support infrastructure for testing. A support testing infrastructure typically include management- and load servers, network switches, firewalls, load balancing etc.
  • Execution of traffic simulation.
  • Reporting of results and corrective actions.

The PureLoad Professional Services Offer is priced per project. A typical project is estimated to be 2 to 4 man-weeks, plus hardware, plus licenses depending on traffic capacity.

Generated customer value

  • Delivery according to specification from suppliers resulting in lower total cost.
  • Increased quality in deployment of multiple vendor systems.
  • Verification and documentation of malfunctions or shortcomings to be used in negotiations, e.g. penalty fees, change of supplier.
  • Improved overall Quality of Service leading to satisfied customers – gives subscriber growth and low churn rate.


  • Effective verification of functionality and performance requirements.
  • Troubleshooting and change management based on traffic simulation.
  • Improved process for proactive planning, tuning and optimization.
  • Tools to manage the explosive traffic and data growth in networks.
  • Enables proactive planning and design to meet future requirements.

PureLoad Version: 5.3
Release Notes