Service description – Load Capacity Trial Service for Internet Application

Typical needs that this Service Offer addresses

  • A development, integration, or deployment project that needs to do a basic trial of capacity for an internet application.
  • An organization that needs a basic analysis on application availability and response time measurement.

PureLoad Professional Services Offer

  • Agree capacity targets.
  • Design and set-up of internet application load servers. (The testing infrastructure, e.g. network switches, firewalls, load balancing etc., needs to be available and configured.)
  • Execution of capacity test. This will support up to 2,000 transactions/second and 6,000 simultaneous active users. (Calculated on a normal usage of 1 page hit per minute with 20 requests per page.)
  • Reporting of results and corrective actions.

The PureLoad Professional Services Offer is a two (2) day service. The price offered will include man-hour cost, plus PureLoad tools cost, however hardware cost and installation is not included.

Generate Customer value

Know the capacity of your application.

PureLoad Version: 5.3
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