• 5G

    5G SBA test solutions using HTTP/2 and REST. vEPC performance test solutions that support CUPS.

  • CDN Edge

    Secure performance and characteristics of your CDN networks and live video streaming nodes.

  • RCS

    Test from advanced SIP signaling call flows to MSRP based RCS A2P and P2P chat functions.

  • Diameter

    For testing your EPC, IMS, or AAA solution.

PureLoad has been acquired

by Emblasoft

Find out more - and explore our new expanded portfolio!

PureLoad aquired by Emblasoft 

PureLoad 6 simplifies

Performance Test Automation using KPI's

Introducing support for KPIs in PureLoad 6.0

Have Questions, want to know more about KPIs or other new functions in PureLoad 6.0, then klick here and we will get in contact.


Using Full-Stack Client Simulation

Easy to develop Functional Test Suites for

Integration Test or Function Test

Performance Test Simulating from One to Millions of Individual Users

Active Monitoring in Live Networks

Testing Applications in RCS, 5G SBA, Mobile Streaming, Web, VoIP, and More


Extreme Performance Testing

What is it?

In a recent project web traffic (HTTP and HTTPS) was simulated in the size of a smaller country. The actual load was moderate, around 80 Gbit/s throughput but using 10 million unique IP addresses.
This made up an Extreme Performance Test with a total of 500.000 HTTP(S) transactions per second, and
250.000 new TCP connections per second.

Read More details and How we did it


PureLoad 6.1

Release Notes

There is Improved Support for Continuous Integration with added functionality for Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). A new client is added to simplify Continuous Integration: runner-ci, as well as a Jenkins plugin.



Expect success from day one knowing that your setup was performance tested and verified with PureLoad. Helping Global 500 to small companies succeed since 1998.


For functional tests of your server application. The simplicity of the tool makes it easy to learn and master. Automate your tests as needed.

With our script based tool we made seven test cases in two months. With PureTest we did 70 test cases in one week.
Mark D. , SW Project Manager, Netherlands



For DevOps and Automated Test Environments

For Large Scale Performance Tests to live Operation Active Monitoring

Set-ups for Single Testers to Multi-Testchannel Solutions

From Bare-metal to Pre-packaged Virtualized Deployments

In the past we have been IXIA and Spirent but nowadays we prefer working with smaller and more focused companies. We are looking for solution which will enable us to compete with Ixia ixLoad and Spirent Avalanche for NFV testing.
Predrag, Integrator, Croatia


Our Key Points

Increased Test Efficiency

Simple to Set-up and Change

Fast to Get Started

Powerful in Test Design, Execution, and Trouble Shooting

Increased Test Quality

Let testers concentrate on testing and not tools or test environments

I wanted to thank you for your team’s recent support to our unit and for help with our deployment. It was excellent!
Mats G., Enterprise, Canada

PureLoad in Action


PureLoad 6.2 News
A technical overview of news in the PureLoad 6.2 release.


Pureload 6.2 Demo
PureLoad 6.2 overview and demo.