PureData Tasks Release Notes

The PureData tasks communicates with a PureData server using a simple TCP text based protocol. See the PureData server documentation for details. Must be used with the PureData server.

Release Notes

  • 1.4
    • Issues with "No PureDataClient available" errors solved
    • Connections are established first when needed (i.e not in PureDataInitTask
    • Improved error handling. Tasks now re-connects to server as needed
    • PureDataStatusTask now reports server OS/JVM information
  • 1.3
    • STATUS now reporting used heap as well
  • 1.2
    • Tasks not reporting transactions anymore
  • 1.1
    • NPE exception if server closed connection
    • Added retry-handling if server closed connection
  • 1.0
    • First public version