Extreme Performance Test

With PureLoad you get the ability to simulate the really large amounts of application traffic that is needed in order to secure scalability and performance of an application infrastructure.

This is what we call

Extreme Performance Test

But what is it really?

In todays development projects performance is often part of considerations and test from early on. Coming to customer sites puts it all to real test. Todays application networks become more and more content and user aware. This increases importance of realistic simulations with full stack clients and diversity in content and content size, as well as user behavior.
You cannot secure large application networks just by sending large chunks of payload to fill the network anymore.

In a recent project web traffic (HTTP and HTTPS) was simulated in the size of a smaller country. The actual load was moderate, around 80 Gbit/s throughput but using 10 million unique IP addresses. The traffic model used was having 19K average payload and 2 requests per tcp connection with an average session length of 40s.

This gives an Extreme Performance Test with a total of:
500.000 HTTP(S) transactions per second,
250.000 new TCP connections per second, and
11 million established TCP connections with the above rate of connection per sec going up and down.

The hw need was moderate, and based on two standard HP Moonshot chassis where used, each with 80 Blades for simulating clients and web-servers.
PureLoad got the solution up and running in less than two weeks.

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