PureLoad is license based and the cost of the license is based on the number of virtual clients (VC) that are bought.

With one PureLoad license you can load test one system at a time.

There are two types of licenses, the personal license and a non-personal license locked to an IP-address.

The non-personal license is used with PureLoad Enterprise and restricts PureLoad usage as follows:

  • IP address of the host that run the PureLoad Naming server (License control server)

    All other servers, as well as the Console, can be used from any host that can connect to the Naming server.

  • Max numbers of virtual clients (Worker Threads)

    The maximum total number of virtual clients (Worker Threads) that can be used distributed over any number of hosts.

  • Time period

    License bound to a specific time period (only applicable for rental).

The personal license restricts PureLoad usage to one specified individual person, the person that the license has been issued for. Also this license is locked to a specified max number of threads and time period.

More information on the non-personal license can be found in the PureLoad License Agreement.

Virtual Client?

In PureLoad the term virtual client is the same as one Worker Thread, which might correspond to one or more virtual users dependent on the test case (Scenarios) that is executed by the Worker Thread. There is no limitation on how the virtual client may be distributed over hardware, processors or threads.