Mobile Device Simulation

Use PureLoad device simulation to fully discover how your application characteristics change using different types of mobile devices and network connections.

PureLoad and PureTest fully supports testing of how mobile users do affect internet application characteristics.

PureLoad and PureTest has a number of built-in support mechanisms for testing mobile internet applications. These mechanisms addresses the most important differences compared to testing a classic web application. From testing perspective a mobile application needs to be treated as a separate application compared to the pc version although they might share some components on the server side. The difference in behavior is largely due to smaller screen size and different logging behavior of mobile devices. Also there are bandwidth limitations set by the mobile network.

Recording Mobile application behavior

It is as easy to record the behavior of a mobile applications as for a web application.

The recorder is adapted so that you can directly record applications on any mobile device. 

You just need to configure the proxy on the device to start recording.

Mobile devices

PureLoad comes pre-packaged with simulation capabilities for a variety of mobile devices, such as iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, and Blackberry.

Other mobile browsers and devices can easily be simulated by adding custom profiles.

Mobile network bandwidth limitation

An important simulation parameter for mobile web application testing is the bandwidth limitation. The bandwidth limitation option is not significant for usual web testing due to todays fast internet connections. For a real world simulation of mobile devices it makes difference to set the bandwidth to particular limits. PureLoad offers many standard bandwidth limitation settings used in the mobile world, such as EDGE or HSDPA.

It is easy to combine devices, browsers, bandwidth, and applying time and intensity parameters that will give you test cases to explore and test your application capabilities. This will secure characteristics and performance and enable business success.