PureTest and

Since 1998 PureLoad Software supply products and solutions for testing of ip-based server applications.

PureLoad tools are here to save you time by providing test solutions that are simple to build, learn, and maintain.

Our tools are used in application environments to test a specific node or a combination of nodes, these can be

  • Web Servers testing HTTP download or other HTTP functions. 
  • Streaming Video Servers based on HTTP, HTTP Adaptive Bit Rate, RTP, RTMP, RTSP.
  • Call and chat scenarios on RCS and VoIP Servers using SIP/MSRP.
  • Charging and AAA Servers using Radius/Diameter. 
  • Other Servers testing SSH, Mail, FTP, JDBC, LDAP, DNS. 

PureLoad is typically used for performance test of systems for highly intensive traffic demands.
Testing is centered around safety critical and high reliability applications.

PureLoad tools are designed to help you find your problems earlier in your development process. There are different versions for use from early to late in the DevOps process and in automated test environments.

The Function and Performance Test Tools from PureLoad Tools are available in versions from fully operational free tools to enterprise grade versions for testing highly intensive traffic demands.

PureLoad Editions



Expect success from day-one from your application server knowing that it was load tested and verified with PureLoad. Helping Global 500 to small companies succeed since 1998.