HTTP Recorder and Result Comparer

HTTP Recorder is for recording HTTP traffic. The Result Comparer is used for comparing results from several test executions. 

PureLoad HTTP Recorder and Result Comparer

The HTTP Recorder

The HTTP Recorder is used to capture HTTP requests between a web browser and a web application in order to easily create PureLoad scenarios.

You can easily capture applications running on any device such as PC, smartphone, or pads.

Result Comparer

The Result Comparer is used to graphically compare the results from one or several executions.

This tool is extremely useful since in PureLoad you can run a test with exact the same environment settings and using exactly the same test cases. The Result Comparer then shows a true picture of how changes in the software affects test results.

PureLoad comparing two performance test runs

Export data from your runs

In PureLoad you can either save your execution results for presentation or statistics gathering.

There is also a possibility to export results in Comparer format (.cd), suitable to be used with the Result Comparer to compare results from previous or consecutive executions.

You can choose which parts of the statistics you want to save for later comparison.

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