Introduction to Features

PureLoad is fast to deploy and master and give you a proven test solution that is highly flexible and possible to adapt to changing requirements.


Ease Of Use - "Load testing made easy"

PureLoad software is very easy to use. There is no scripting or programming required, everything is controlled from a central GUI. Test cases are built through the GUI using predefined functions called “tasks”, selected from an existing task list. These tasks can be grouped in task sequences to build a test scenario to fulfill a test requirement. This makes the tool easy to use and fast to learn. Minimum amount of training is required for any person to become familiar with the PureLoad GUI. Instead of concentrating on scripting or programming you can concentrate on building test case scenarios. When using the central GUI it is also easy to change and alter test cases scenarios, sequence or tasks in order to reflect changing internal conditions (like parameter settings) as well as external conditions (like user behavior or type of user).

From the GUI you can also control your load servers and perform client/server monitoring. This creates a highly effective test environment for executing tests, analyzing results, and trouble shooting activities since all data is correlated or associated.

Scalable and high performance

PureLoad suits different types of load testing, everything from secure web applications with only a few hundreds of users to testing high end telecom services with millions of users. In our larger installations we simulate more than 1M unique users generating 75,000 TPS, with 10 Gbit/s application data from devices like iPhone, iPad, Windows Mobile terminals, Android phones, ordinary mobile phones, as well as fixed line devices.

Testing in a multi-protocol environment

With PureLoad Enterprise edition you can set up test scenarios that works with several protocols at the same time.

For example, a test case might start with a log-in task using LDAP and then initiate an HTTP browsing session task combined with downloading content task using RTSP. Using the multi-protocol support makes it easy to build test cases to simulate real world behaviour without having to invest in building a test environment containing all network elements.

Cost effective

PureLoad carries an affordable cost. The software platform is hardware and OS independent, which allows reuse of available hardware for your deployment or in a larger enterprise the use of corporate agreements to buy the most cost effective hardware. You can choose to run with the OS you are most comfortable with administering which keeps the total cost down.

Personal Support

We are a small company but we support PureLoad users in any part of the world. We pride ourselves of being fast and supportive giving you help when you need it. We are also fast in providing customizations supporting your business.

Secure your business – expect success

To produce high quality and availability applications is today a business critical factor and a must for success. There are high demands on availability and performance from day one after launch. Failures due to characteristics often have a high direct cost as well as impact on churn and company misfortune. Running PureLoad will help you to secure network and application characteristics and secure a successful launch of your application.

PureLoad Feature Tour

PureLoad is a load testing tool that allows testing of ip-server applications.

PureLoad might be used in a stand alone mode but its features really come to its rights when using a distributed run time environment.

PureLoad was originally designed for testing web applications and today's PureLoad versions include extensive support for using HTTP/HTTPS as well as an abundance of other internet application related protocols mentioned in the chapters Protocol Support.

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