License Manager

The PureLoad License Manager is used to centrally control the capacity and load-server tied to a number of licenses.

PureLoad License Manager

The PureLoad License Manager is used to manage multiple PureLoad licenses and associated load server hardware and capacity. For a load test network with several licenses in use (administered by a PureLoad Manager), it is possible to distribute/redistribute capacity and load servers as needed for each test run.

The number of virtual users can be distributed to the license users in different ways. In one scenario you would like to distribute the virtual clients evenly between the test channels in order to perform different daily load tests. In another scenario you might want to test the maximum configuration of one application and will need to assign all virtual capacity and all load servers available from all licenses to one single test set run (license).

The PureLoad License Manager can handle multiple licenses within one physical site.

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PureLoad License Manager

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