Monitor View

The Monitor View is used to gather server statistics.

PureLoad Monitor View

The Monitor view is used to control what servers and resources that are being monitored.

PureLoad supports monitoring of server resources during the execution of a load test.

PureLoad monitor server health

Three types of monitoring are supported.

SNMP based monitoring

Any SNMP resources available can be monitored using the SNMP monitoring support. Resources can be specified using the built in SNMP (MIB) browser.

PureLoad has a SNMP browser

Agent-less monitoring using SSH

The SSH monitoring module allows PureLoad to retrieve system information from Linux platforms during the test, connecting to your servers using either the SSH protocol. Standard OS resources (like CPU, Memory, Context Switch Count) can be monitored, but basically any custom resources can be retrieved using SSH. Agent-less monitoring means that no software has to be installed on the servers being monitored.

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