Results View

In the Results View the data from the test execution is reported together with generated faults.

PureLoad Results View

Real-time results and analysis

The Result view presents various result metrics from a load execution that is either executing or has finished.

The results information such as response times and bytes transferred is updated instantly during load execution and is presented as real-time graphs or numerical tables.

Results can be presented for most levels from task, scenario, and root level. Results can also be presented on a virtual user (thread) level. This helps you to follow the trends and analyze during the test execution.

Two graphs can be shown simultaneously. This feature is to make it easy to spot relations, for example at which rate of transactions/second the system cannot handle response times at an acceptable rate.

Failed Tasks sub tab

Detailed task results for failed Tasks can be viewed in the Failed Tasks sub tab.

PureLoad showing failed operations

The scenario task tree shows all executed scenarios, where scenarios with errors are underlined with a red line.
A summary table of the various reported errors and a graph with errors over the execution time is also shown.

Details on Failed Tasks

Errors can be expanded through the tree down to where details on the individual errors are displayed.

PureLoad showing error codes at failure

The Summary and Summary Graph sub-tab

The Summary sub-tab shows all result metrics for the selected node in the worker tree to the left in the view.
The Summary Graph sub-tab shows the same information but presented in a bar graph format.

The summary information can be obtained for all levels by just selecting one level in the tree structure available in the left part of the console.

The Time Slot and Time Slot Graph sub-tab

The Time Slot sub-tab shows metrics in a tabular format. There is one row per update interval (time slot) in the table. The first column shows the actual time for the time slot. All other columns shows metrics for the selection(s) made in the scenario tree.

The Time Slot Graph shows the same information as the Time Slot table, but in a line graph view.
Here also a second y-axis can be defined for showing an additional metrics.

PureLoad result graphs at load

The Monitor and Monitor Graph sub-tab

Results from execution of defined server monitors, in table format, can be viewed using the Monitor sub-tab. The Monitor Graph sub-tab shows the same info in a graph format.

PureLoad monitoring of servers


There is a report wizard available to help you to export result metrics and graphs to report files.

Result metrics can be stored in a character separated value (CSV) files or directly in Excel format.

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