How to Purchase

We offer flexible options to suit single developers and testers, DevOps teams, and needs for large scale system tests.

Edition PureTest PureTest Pro PureLoad Free PureLoad  Enterprise Developers Edition PureLoad Enterprise
Main usage for: Developers and Testers doing functional tests Developers and Testers doing functional tests Developers, testers, or teams running small load or performance tests Developers, testers, or teams running small load or performance tests Organizations doing large scale load- and performance-test
» Number of virtual clients* 1 1 100 10 and 100 1000 and upwards
» Platform IndependentCentral GUI based console
» HTTP/HTTPS/Asynchronous HTTP, HTTP/2, Web Server Technologies
» Test Automation and DevOpsPublic Task API -
» Additional Task Packages - - as licensed
» HTTP Recorder, Result Comparerand Results View - -
» Server Monitoring View - - -
» Distributed Architecture - - - -
» Multi Threading - - -
» PureLoad License Manager - - - - as licensed
» Support Servers and Integrations - - - - as licensed
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*In PureLoad the term virtual client is the same as one Worker Thread, which might correspond to one or more virtual users dependent on the test case (Scenarios) that is executed by the Worker Thread. There is no limitation on how the virtual client may be distributed over hardware, processors or threads.

A full overview of Protocol Support, Support Servers, and Integrations per edition is available on the Protocol Support Page.

Your requirements - our offer

There is some work to be done before we can give you an adequate offer that fulfil your business and technical requirements. Depending on your needs there might be a number of things that needs to be discussed and decided before we can issue you a quote.

Key points are around:

  • Usage of licenses - Automated Test, Manual Test
  • What to use the licenses for - Function Test, Integration Test, Performance Test, Active Monitoring
  • Size of licenses - How many persons, how many testbeds, capacity of licenses
  • Environment - Virtualized or bare metal.

You are always welcome to contact us by sending an e-mail to

PureTest Pro and PureLoad Enterprise Developers Edition

The simplest case is for PureTest Pro and PureLoad Enterprise Developers Edition where you need to decide the number of users or simultaneous testbeds you need licenses for.

PureLoad Enterprise

PureLoad Enterprise can be supplied in a vast number of shapes depending on your needs.

Number of Licenses

The number of licenses will depend on how many simultaneous tests that you want to have ongoing. There is normally one license per lab or testbed. One license can be used for running traffic towards several tests-beds, but only one at the time.

Virtual Clients

PureLoad Enterprise is licensed by the number of virtual clients that is used to produce load on your application. To determine the corrects number of virtual clients we often need your traffic model and a discussion on how you simulate traffic.

Special Features

Sometimes special features are needed for specific testing and these often turn up in a proof-of-concept or in discussions around your simulation and traffic model.

PureLoad can easily and fast provide you with the special features you need.

Dimensioning and Installation

PureLoad is normally deployed in virtualized environments. We can help with a range of services. We dimension your VM for your type of traffic and simulation needed. We help do dimension and design of your test environment solution and how it should be built so that the environment supplies realistic traffic without strains on the system under test.

We do also install and configure the PureLoad software if wanted and check that everything works ok before handing over the system.


Although PureLoad is easy to learn we do recommend some initial training to give you a fast start. For complex testing like SIP/MSRP we recommend a two day course and two day on-the-job training.

Test Support

During the first 6-12 months it is often good to have some hours for test support.

Our senior engineers can help with discussions on how best simulate certain situations and specific traffic models, how best to structure tests, help with trouble shooting, etc. 

First Offer

Having discussed the points above we can now start and put together a first version of the offer.

Perpetual, Subscription, or Rental Licenses?

There are several licensing options available for you to choose from.

All details around our licensing as well as license agreement is found on the Licensing page.

Perpetual Licenses

Perpetual licenses are used by organizations having a constant and long-term need of a license. Buying a perpetual license give you the right to use the product according to specification and license agreement.
You pay a one-time license fee and a yearly Support & Upgrade fee.
With paying the yearly Support & Upgrade fee you get the following advantages:

  • Mail access to PureLoad and PureTest Tool support organisation.
  • Immediate access to new major versions of the product (e.g. 7.0).
  • Access to product updates releasing new functionality in minor versions and fixes (e.g. 6.1 or 6.1.1).

Subscription Licenses

For those wanting licenses through a yearly subscription. The yearly subscription is paid in a yearly fee that give you access to our software, all upgrades, and support during one year.

Rental Licenses

Rental licenses are normally intended for short term usage, such as one or maximum two months.

You can rent either the whole software or a software capacity increase.

Finally a quote

Now we should have a full understanding of your needs and we formalize the offer into a business proposal, quote, for you.

Time for Delivery


You can fetch all our software from our Download page.

Links to specific protocol packages will be supplied at purchase or as part of an evaluation.

License Files

An evaluation license (for the standard PureLoad Enterprise) is available from our Download page. Evaluation licenses for the more specialised protocol packages is available on request, please contact

Purchasing, renting, or subscribing to a license will expand the capacity to the limits specified by the license.

The license file is delivered by e-mail.

For PureLoad Enterprise licenses that are locked to an IP we need a technical contact person and an IP address of the naming server in order to issue the license.


Services are delivered as per agreement.