5G Core Performance Test

With PureLoad you simulate UE and client traffic using a full stack implementation for protocols like HTTP(S), HTTP/2, HTTP Streaming, RTSP/RTP, SIP, and MSRP.
You can simulate from one to millions of simultaneous users having different user profiles using individual ip, MSISDN, payloads, and different traffic behaviors (use cases).

PureLoad fully support test of 5G end-2-end flows. Stand-alone or Non Stand-alone options can be tested with traffic over the N1, N2, or N3 interfaces. Data Network side (N6) can optionally be simulated.

5GC testing using PureLoad

5G Network Slicing, DPI, Data Forwarding, latency 

Many types of 5GC testing can be done, from UPF node testing to testing the full network. Due to PureLoads extensive capabilities to simulate different types of user-plane traffic the characteristics (like latency) of a specific traffic type can be explored, like frequent and small IoT messages or very large video chunks. 5G network slicing, Deep Packet Inspection, and Data Forwarding can all be tested as well as capacity and scalability. 

PureLoad Solutions

PureLoads solution on 5G SBA testing.

At PureLoad Software we work with supplying load test tools and solutions. We can supply from individual tools to fully working environments that suits your specific testing needs.

PureLoad is a 100% software-based solution, supporting virtualization and cloud deployment (VMware, KVM, OpenStack, Amazon etc.) as well as containerized application deployment (Docker, Kubernetes).

Through our technology and thought leadership, unprecedented experience in load and performance testing of complex solutions, we don’t just sell you the tool, we can be with you through the whole process from analysis to design, execution and reporting.

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