5G SBA Test and Monitoring

With PureLoad you can test all or part of the Network Functions (NF) in the 5G RESTfuls service architecture. PureLoad can simulate traffic from one or several NFs communicating over the SBI by generating HTTP/2 client and server traffic using PureLoads full stack implementation.
You can simulate from one to millions of simultaneous sessions where messages can be individually set by using variables and parameter setting to control headers and content.

Using PureLoad this enables for different type of NF tests, like

- Functional Tests
- Intergration Tests
- Load and Performance Tests
- Active Monitoring during operation

5G SBA Architecture and PureLoad

Network Functions can be tested standalone where PureLoad simulate surrounding nodes like for testing NRF for Service Registration and Service Discovery procedures.

5G SBA NRF test with PureLoad

Security can be tested, one example is testing the EAP-TLS security procedures of AUSF. Also interconnect tests for SEPP can be handled since PureLoad can also simulate Diameter traffic from a 4G home domain.

5G SBA SEPP test with PureLoadTesting EAP-TLS security procedures with PureLoad

PureLoad is a 100% software-based solution, supporting virtualization and cloud deployment (VMware, KVM, OpenStack, Amazon etc.) as well as containerized application deployment (Docker, Kubernetes).

CI/CD supporting ISSU, In-Service SW Upgrades

Software vendors and service provides strive to use Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) processes with the introduction of 5G. The goal is to reduce todays long times for performing software upgrades by automating as much of the process as possible in order to facilitate smooth In-Service SW Upgrades (ISSU).

With PureLoad integration and performance tests can be automated as part of the service providers acceptance test to give quick feedback to the sw vendor. 

5G SBA ISSU test support with PureLoad

Active Monitoring and Probing

To verify service chains or an individual function the same test cases that has been developed for integration tests or performance tests can be used for Active Monitoring (Probing) during operation. PureLoad will then be used for probing by running test cases at regular intervals to verify NF functionality. The result of the execution can be presented in any standard monitoring system and alarms can be raised if a function stops or if an KPI is breached and there should be an alarm.

PureLoad Solutions

PureLoads solution on 5GC testing.

At PureLoad Software we work with supplying load test tools and solutions. We can supply from individual tools to fully working environments that suits your specific testing needs.

Through our technology and thought leadership, unprecedented experience in load and performance testing of complex solutions, we don’t just sell you the tool, we can be with you through the whole process from analysis to design, execution and reporting.

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