Load Test of CDN Edge and Streaming Video

With PureLoad you get the ability to simulate a lot of users consuming different types of streaming services using a range of mobile devices and networks from XDSL, FTTH, GPRS, 3G, 4G, to Edge and 5G.

CDN Edge Networks

With the raise of 5G the CDN Edge Computing infrastructure becomes even more important to improve customer experience with characteristics such as short latencies. PureLoad is used for testing CDN Edge Computing nodes such as caching nodes needed for streaming, latency sensitive and non-cacheable gaming, and complete media delivery networks from an end-to-end perspective.

From OTT Live Streaming to IPTV

PureLoad support a number of different technologies for video and streaming solutions. 

Today a lot of focus is on testing nodes and networks for OTT Live Streaming solutions and especially being able to hande mass-traffic situations from large concerts or sports-events.

For OTT Streaming PureLoad is used for simulating traffic from a range of different devices. Video sources can be traditional VoD, live streaming or user generated content. For all servers PureLoad can simulate large numbers of simultaneous and truly unique users for example testing video optimization, edge routers or cache servers or for OTT portals as well as origin servers.

OTT Performance Test With PureLoad

PureLoad has also been used for long to test traditional IPTV solutions. STBs can be simulated to test your complete middleware and VoD server infrastructure.

VOD Performance Test With PureLoad

How we do it

PureLoad simulate end-user behaviour on application protocol level and support HTTP Progressive Download, RTMP, and HTTP Adaptive Bitrate Streaming.
For HTTP Adaptive Bitrate Streaming HLS, HSS (MMS), HDS, and MPEG-dash standards are supported.
There is also support for RTP/RTMP/RTSP Streaming.

You can read more about our respective implementation and the protocols on our web page describing the protocol support implemented for PureLoad and PureTest.

When implementing tests for the different use cases you can implement them using one protocol or you can build test suites that contain several technologies depending on your system abilities and needs. This means that you in one test case can simulate a user first doing http actions, then RTSP, then HTTP again where results can be carried through the different actions as in the example below. 

<Simple VOD streaming test case in PureLoad>
User registers and log in and browse VOD catalog.
User choose/purchase movie.

Start of streaming.
Fast forwards film.
Streaming of film.
Stop streaming.
<http>Set bookmark</http>

<http>User log out.</http>
</Simple VOD streaming test case in PureLoad>

From the test cases you choose your traffic mix including devices that should be part of your traffic mix. Each device can also be associated with how it should access the network.

In this way you can easily build and change your mix of device- and access-types. Different load patterns can then be applied to simulate large number of simultaneous users and create a realistic simulation model of real-world traffic. This enables the possibility to perform realistic load-, stress-, and other characteristics-test in a unique and unrivaled way. 

PureLoad Solutions

At PureLoad Software we work with supplying load test tools and solutions. 

We can supply the tool including support or a complete solution including HW/SW and uniquely skilled personnel, experts in extreme performance testing simulation modelling and execution. We take care of everything from test design through execution to evaluation and reporting.

You can use your own content sources, or we help establishing origin servers with content that is relevant for your environment.

The best of it all is that it is both easy and quick to set up a test environment and get the first tests going.

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