Cornerstones of creating a reliable solution for performance test.

It is never enough with a tool because the tool will always be used in a solution environment.

In the minimal case the solution will consist of a System Under Test (SUT), the load test tool (PureLoad), and a network infrastructure where the traffic will run. 

PureLoad is used to generate traffic according to a wanted client behavior. The behavior is chosen from a theoretical model such as user stories, from real-world data, or a combination of both.

Having these cornerstones in place different types of performance tests can be run. 

Often the solution environment need to be more complex in order to give a proper simulation of a real-world environment including a number of support servers. These can be simulated in a number of ways depending on their role and importance in the environment ranging from using freeware to implementing customer specific servers.

We use simple steps to get your performance test solution in place.

  • Together we analyze your requirements for test and traffic needs and requirements.
  • Setting the network architecture.
  • Creating a simulation (realization) of the traffic model.
  • Solution design, implementation, and documentation.
  • Training, and hand-over of the solution.

PureLoad is often deployed in virtualized solution environments which both simplifies maintenance, enables easy scaling of number of test channels, and maximizes the use of hardware and OS resources.