REST, JSON and Microservices

With PureLoad you get the ability to simulate from one to a large number of clients using different protocols needed in order to secure scalability and performance.

Functional Test of JSON, REST and Microservices

With PureTest and PureLoad you get support to verify a large set of the functionality available with http including JSON and REST interfaces in a microservices architecture.

The free software PureTest can be used for creating functional test cases to test any REST based web service over HTTP or as an integration test activity for the application. You can also trigger different behaviors based on the UAProf to test functionality that is terminal dependent.

The example below shows a basic test case where the result of the api call is verified to contain the text "OPERATIONAL".

Download PureTest.

Performance test is vital in a microservice architecture

For microservice applications it is vital to do performance testing since supporting services operate faster or slower dependent on traffic. Since service calls go over the network the total network traffic may impact response time latency.

Load test using high number of calls to a service or transferring large amounts of data on the network are vital parts of performance test and vital for discovering service degradation between builds.  

Test cases can be built and used for functional tests and can then be re-used forming a base for performance test.

For load test PureLoad is used. With PureLoad Free you can design, execute and trouble shoot your test cases.

With PureLoad different load patterns can be applied to simulate large number of simultaneous users and mirror live traffic patterns. This enables the possibility to perform realistic load-, stress-, and other characteristics-test in an unrivaled way. 

Download PureLoad.

Automation of test case execution

Today it is vital to be able to automate test case execution in an easy way. 

Even the free version of PureTest has built in functionality for integrating the execution of test cases into an automation environment so as your tests gets verified they can be added to most common CI/CD environments.

For the inclusion and automation of performance tests into a CI/CD environment PureLoad Enterprise Developers Editions is needed.
This can be tested by using the PureLoad Enterprise Evaluation License available from our download page. 

PureLoad Solutions

At PureLoad Software we work with supplying load test tools and solutions. Independent if you work with test on a node level or on a system level (several nodes together) we can supply from individual tools to fully working environments that suits your specific testing needs.

Read more about our simulation support for http and other protocols on our web describing the protocol support  that is implemented for both PureLoad and PureTest.

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