Performance Test of MaaP, RCS and IMS Solutions

With PureLoad you get the ability to simulate large number of clients using different protocols needed in order to secure scalability, performance, and characteristics of MaaP, RCS, RBM, or IMS systems on network- or node-level.
PureLoad has been used for verification purposes of SIP and MSRP based systems since more than 10 years.

Load and Functional Test of MaaP, RCS, RBM, IMS, and NG9-1-1

PureLoad give you the possibility to verify a large set of the functionality available in IMS and RCS, Rich Communications Suite and RCS Business Messaging (RBM) systems.
PureLoad use a full-stack simulations for SIP, MSRP, HTTP, and Diameter as well as more specialized protocols. Simulating user behaviour on application protocol level gives a realistic simulation also of the traffic on the network layer. 

With PureLoad traffic from a User Agent Server (UAS) or User Agent Client (UAC) can be simulated as well as traffic from a SIP server node.


For functional tests PureTest you get the ability to create realistic test cases simulating client traffic both in A2P and P2P RCS traffic cases such as chat or chatbot traffic. You can also simulate MaaP chatbot traffic. Tests are implemented on a protocol level mixing HTTP, SIP, MSRP requests, or from any other protocols needed. Tests can of course be automated. Tests developed with PureTest can be re-used with PureLoad forming a base for performance tests.

For load different usage models and load functions can be applied simulating a large number of simultaneous users or bots mirroring live traffic patterns. This enables the possibility to perform realistic load-, stress-, and other characteristics-test in an unrivaled way. 

Traffic cases

MaaP and RCS

For Maap and RCS services there is support for simulating P2P client traffic such as group chat, or A2P chatbot sessions testing RCS servers like Presence Server or Message Store, as well as for doing end-to-end testing.

MSRP SIP HTTP traffic for RCS

PureLoad can also simulate traffic from chatbots, creating an environment for RBM e-2-e tests.


As for RCS PureLoad can be used for simulating NG9-1-1 traffic between an end-user and call takers with Text-to-911 messages with images, videos, and data.

SIP Traffic

Using SIP you can test call handling in an IMS system. Both end-points (UE) as well as server can be simulated making it easy to build cases for testing different traffic flows.

Simulations can be done on a system level (for example using Gm and Ic interfaces) or on node level testing signaling for one specific IMS node.

SIP call with PureLoad
There is also support for some specialized tests like SIP forking. 

For UE simulation there is functionality available for HTTP Digest AKA based authentication. 

Watch an introduction to our tool for functional test, PureTest Pro.

You find more RCS/IMS related demos and videos on our "Watch PureLoad in Action" page.

Diameter and HTTP Traffic

For traffic from other nodes there is support for a number of Diameter protocols for client- and server-side simulation. As an example, you can use our Diameter Rf implementation for testing an OCS node or a CSCF node.

Diameter Rf and CSCF simulation with PureLoad

Nodes as Traffic Detection Function can be tested and you can test perform testing of your HTTP or Diameter based DPI functions. 

Read more about our simulation support on our web describing the protocol support  that is implemented for PureLoad and PureTest.

PureLoad Solutions

At PureLoad Software we work with supplying load test tools and solutions. Independent if you work with test on a node level or on a system level (several nodes together) we can supply from individual tools to fully working environments that suits your specific testing needs.

The best of it all is that it is both easy and quick to set up a test environment and get the first tests going.

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