Saving time give ROI

Short and long term you save time by using PureLoad.

18 years ago our first customer explained this aspect quite well. He said:

"Why should I spend time on tools development, I want my test engineers to spend time on testing."

This has been with us in developing PureLoad since then.

There are a couple of factors helping to save time.

Our tools are simple.

You may do very complicated tests for complex environments but the simplicity of PureLoad tools and solutions give you an easy way of creating, running, trouble shooting, and analyzing test results.

This simplicity is reflected in low learning costs, our tools do not need courses or certification before you can start testing. Exchanging or bringing new team members up to speed is fast, normally you get started in a matter of hours.

Getting the right test cases in place is of vital importance in order to secure the quality of tests. This is why we have our GUI. It enable the testers to concentrate on test case creation rather than concentration on programming. We want testers to use their engineering powers for good test case creation rather than mastering and fault finding in a development environment.

PureLoad has been carefully designed for the use of testers. For example one window is used to control all aspects of operation. This is again a simple way to keep the concentration of testers up and save time in the daily operation.

One customer quoted that it took them two weeks to create one test case with a script-based tool whilst creating 100 test cases with PureLoad in the same time. 

To fit your specific needs and organizations maturity we have three basic options for offering solutions, the first option is the DIY way where you buy licenses from us and you implement and maintain the solution yourself.
The second option is to let us help in design, implementation, and getting started of your solution. We have many years of experience to create solutions so this is a good way to fast get a number of good practices in place with a very limited effort.
The third option is where we work in cooperation where you also let us maintain the solution so you can fully concentrate on testing.