vPureLoad and Performance Testing

vPureload is a deployment of PureLoad that ease the build and maintenance of small and large test environments.

Using vPureLoad you get the ability to simulate a large number of users or other traffic types that are needed in order to secure scalability and performance of an application or infrastructure.
vPureLoad has been used in virtual environments for more than four years.

Advantages of vPureLoad

Using vPureLoad will save a lot of time and money since it will decrease both the initial build time as well as making changes in the environment very easy to implement.

vPureLoad makes it easy to scale up and down in the number of test channels, the capacity of the test channels.

The test environment can additionally be equipped with different types of servers so that true end-to-end testing can be performed.

vPureLoad also helps in maximizing the usage of hw and OS resources since it is easy to adopt the configuration to the system under test.

Activities such as trouble shooting will be faster since it will be easier to inject the same traffic from different nodes in the network.

5G and vPureLoad

For 4G and 5G CUPS testing control-plane and user-plane can be scaled independently.

What is vPureLoad

vPureLoad is a maintainable and supportable PureLoad virtualization base, covering the whole software stack (operating system, hypervisor, optimizations and PureLoad).

Once the environment is up and running it also incorporates a framework for automating reconfiguration and rebuild of the whole environment, (bringing up and down VM’s, rebuilding VM’s, help with configuration and version control, etc.)

PureLoad Solutions

At PureLoad Software we work with supplying load test tools and solutions. We can supply from individual tools to fully working environments that suits your specific testing needs.

PureLoad telco network IMS Core Network Service Network

Through our technology and thought leadership, unprecedented experience in load and performance testing of complex solutions, we don’t just sell you the tool, we can be with you through the whole process from analysis to design, execution and reporting.

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