About Protocol Support

PureLoad is made for application server testing and thus have support for a large number of application protocols. A large strength is that it is easy and fast to add support for additional protocols.

Both PureLoad and PureTest come with built in support for a large set of application protocols.

Protocol operations can be mixed in scenarios (test cases) enabling realistic simulation of user behaviors.

Protocol PureLoad Free PureLoad
PureLoad Enterprise PureTest PureTest Pro
» IPv4 and IPv6
» HTTP/1.1
» HTTP/2 - -
» Asynchronous HTTP
» Web Sockets
» Telnet -
» SSH -
» File Transfer Program (FTP) -
» Network Utility (echo, Ping, DNS etc.) -
» Directory Server (LDAP) -
» Database (JDBC) -
» Mail (IMAP, POP3, SMTP) -
» SMPP (released Q2 2020)* - as licensed -
» Generic Bootstrapping Architecture (GBA) Ua and Ub* - as licensed -
» Radius* - as licensed -
» Diameter (Rf, Rx, Gx, Gy, Zh, Zx, SWx, SWm, S6a/S6d, S6b, Sh, Sd)* - as licensed -
» RTP/RTSP/RTMP Streaming* - as licensed -
» HTTP  Streaming* - as licensed -
» SIP* - as licensed -
» MSRP* - as licensed -
Integrations and Support Servers
» Pure GTP - as licensed as licensed - as licensed
» Pure HSS Simulator - as licensed as licensed - as licensed
» Pure PCRF Simulator - as licensed as licensed - as licensed

* License for PureTest Pro and PureLoad Enterprise Developers Edition allows usage of the additional task packages Radius/Diameter, RTP/RTSP/RTMP Streaming, HTTP Streaming, and SIP/MSRP.

The Radius/Diameter, SIP, HTTP Streaming, and RTP/RTSP/RTMP Streaming extensions are sold as additional packages for PureLoad Enterprise.
Pure GTP integration and the Pure HSS Simulator and Pure PCRF Simulator are sold as additional integrations for PureTest Pro, PureLoad Enterprise and PureLoad Enterprise Developers Edition.

Public Task API

By using PureLoad's Public Task API support can be added for additional protocols.
At PureLoad Software we have many years of experience in adding support for released and preliminary protocol specifications. By using PureLoad's Public Task API, users can develop support for protocols not supplied by PureLoad Software. It is possible to implement utility operations, tasks, or whatever is needed to fulfill a specific protocol requirement. Since all tasks use the same API and framework, you can freely mix new tasks with existing tasks to implement various protocols, creating test cases simulating a real client.

If you have a server application using a protocol (proprietary or public) that you need to test, which is not supported by PureLoad's standard tasks, please contact us for a discussion.

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