3G and 4G mobile user data traffic to/from the core network can be simulated using the PureLoad GTP integration for the Gn and Gi (3G) or S5/S8  and SGi interface.

Introduction to the GTP Integration

PureLoad can be used for performance test on node or network level in a telecom network. Traffic can be simulated from the Internet side or from within Core Network or Service Network. In order to simulate traffic from the Radio Network side we support sending application traffic over GTP using the S5/S8 interface.

Using the PureLoad GTP integration enable running advanced end-to-end data transactions. When also involving the signalling integration part you can create advanced call flows for example simulating a handover whilst watching video. Using the PureLoad GTP integration you can send the data traffic over the S5/S8 interface using the PGW towards the core network. For 3G the Gn interface towards the GGSN is used. In this way application data traffic can be tested in an end-to-end environment or as part of a node test. PureLoad traffic can also be sent over the SGi (4G) or Gi (3G) interfaces.