HTTP Streaming

The support for HTTP Streaming support covers four of the most common protocols.

Introduction to HTTP Streaming support

This is an overview on how HTTP Streaming support is implemented for PureTest and PureLoad.
HTTP Streaming support requires a special license available for PureTest Pro and PureLoad Enterprise.

There is information on:

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HTTP Streaming Tasks    

General Information

The HTTP streaming task is used to simulate Adaptive Streaming over HTTP. Supported protocols are HLS (Apple), HSS (Microsoft), HDS (Adobe) and DASH (MPEG). The word "adaptive" refers to the ability to shift between different bitrates of the media to compensate for changes in the available bandwidth.


The following example do not intend to show all actions that can be done with the HTTP Streaming Tasks.

The picture is a screenshot from an example available with the HTTP Streaming download package.

Playing a video using HSS Streaming

This example shows how the Http Streaming Tasks can be used to simulate different features of a media player.

First the media player buffers media segments before starting to stream/play. After downloading the first segment the media resolution is increased to adjust for available bandwidth.

The resolution is then altered a few times during the streaming of the media.

The last sequence lets the stream continue until the end of the file.

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