PureLoad can simulate RADIUS authentication or accounting requests.

Introduction to Radius Support

This is an overview on how Radius support is implemented for PureTest and PureLoad.
Radius support requires a special license available for PureTest Pro and PureLoad Enterprise.

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Radius Tasks

General Information

The Radius Tasks simulate RADIUS authentication or accounting requests. Radius attributes are specified using symbolic names that are decoded and verified before send. Authentication supports PAP, CHAP and MSCHAP.


The following examples do not intend to show all actions that can be done with the Radius Tasks.

The pictures are screenshots from examples available with the Radius download package.

Simple access request

There are examples for sending access requests, for sending accounting requests, and for using standard and non-standard vendor specific attributes.

This is a simple simulation of sending an access request.

The operation "AccessRequest (CHAP)" is implemented using the task "RadiusAccessRequestTask" where set values and other details of the operation are shown in the right part of the tool.

Simulating using Cisco VSA's

The scenario "Cisco" is an example using Cisco VSA's.

The "Create Radius Client" is marked to the left under the Root section and the details of the operation is found to the right in the tool. In this case operation "Create Radius Client" has been implemented using a task type "RadiusInitTask".

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