The functionality of SMPP is used to simulate an ESME sending or receiving SMS.

Introduction to SMPP Support

This is an overview on how SMPP support is implemented for PureTest and PureLoad. SMPP Task Package will be released towards end of Q2 2020.
SMPP support requires a special license available for PureTest Pro and PureLoad Enterprise.

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SMPP Tasks

General Information

The SMPP Tasks are used to simulate an ESME. The ESME can be used as receiver or transmitter. SMPP messages (PDUs) like "submit_sm" can be sent from ESME to SMSC. Also SMPP messages like "deliver_sm" sent from SMSC to ESME can be handled.


PDUs that are planned to be supported in the first release are:

- bind_transmitter

- bind_receiver

- bind_transceiver

- enquire_link

- unbind

- submit_sm

- deliver_sm

- generic_nack

- query_sm

- cancel_sm

- replace_sm

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